Yoga & Rock Climbing Retreat

Dear Friends,

The most common reason people give for not joining the Yoga & Rock Climbing Retreat is a fear of heights. The second most common reason is, ‘I have never climbed before’.

A few summers back a woman joined our group who had an extreme fear of heights and had never climbed before. My dear friend and guide, Bobby Ferrari worked with her all day until she felt safe, she’d go up a foot come down, she tested the ropes, she tested Bobby’s commitment to her, she went three feet up and came back down, she did this all-day with Bobby patiently instructing her footwork. By the end of the day she climbed to the top! I wish I had captured a picture of the joy on her face, the elation from having overcome her own fear. Wouldn’t you like to feel this free?

For some of us it may not be a fear of height that holds us back. Perhaps, its simply a resistance to stepping out of the routine, a hesitation to try something with new people. The Gunks are spectacular! The climbing meets all-levels, from advanced to beginner. Please don’t let fear or resistance keep you. If money is an issue email me I’ll work with you.

We spend so much of our time racing around, this mini getaway will recharge you, reset you inwardly with the rhythm of nature and bring you back into a space of presence and gratitude, reminding us of the simple joys that life can offer.

We have a great group forming. All that’s missing is you!! I hope you can make it.

With Love,

Colleen Lila
Yoga & Rock Climbing Day Retreat Baby Nataraja
The Gunks, New Paltz, NY
w/ Colleen Breeckner & Professional Climbing Guide’s from High Xposure

Fee: $170 (includes park entrance fee, climbing, & yoga)
Peter’s Skill Area
Minnewaska State Park Preserve
New Paltz, NY 12561
Time: 8-5

This is my 6th season hosting the, Yoga & Rock Climbing Adventure Retreat in New Paltz, NY!! Here is what you can expect; we’ll arrive in New Paltz at roughly 9:30 a.m, begin our day with a brisk morning hike alongside the mountain stream in Peter’s Kill, past the mulberries to the top of a rocky cliff where we will practice Yoga for about an hour. After Yoga, we will enjoy picnic lunches followed by an early afternoon meditation by a waterfall. The climbing guides will arrive at 2 p.m. and assist us in what is called a ‘top rope’ climb on -beginner to intermediate terrain.
Your climb will be lead by professional rock climbing guides. The High Xposure guides have undergone extensive training and teach regularly to people of all ages and ability. No experience necessary, the High Xposure guides regularly introduce people to climbing. All levels are welcome.

Yoga & Rock Climbing Day Retreat Dates:
July 9th & 30
August 6th, 13, 20
*PLEASE NOTE* weekend dates will be made available, weekend rates are significantly higher.

**Private group adventures can also be arranged with a minimum of 4 people per group. Group rates vary depending on peak or off-peak (weekday).

For more information or to register contact, Colleen at:

(m) 203-313-4281

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