Summer Vibration~ Yoga, Philosophy, Drumming with Colleen Breeckner & Christopher Tompkins

Summer Vibration~ Yoga, Philosophy, Drumming with Colleen Breeckner & Christopher Tompkins
SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013 4-7 pm
Hampton’s Yoga & Healing Arts, Westhampton Beach, NY
“There can be no separation in the state of vibration, for this universe is comprised of the flowing liquid essence of divine consciousness (cid-?tm?-ras?sh?yana). Embracing this insight, the yog? plunges in.”

-Shr? Kshemar?ja

We need not bid the summer farewell quit yet. We need only to stretch the days as long as possible and beat the drums late into the night! Join Chris Tompkins and Colleen Lila for an end of summer bash at the beach. Yoga, Drumming, Philosophy, Inspiration & Insight.

Learn to sequence advanced arm balancing poses using the power of pulsation! Bang a drum with Shaktipat Drumming Troupe

Join lead teachers, Christopher Tompkins, MTS, MA, PhD track (2013) & Colleen Lila Breeckner, eRYT 500, for a deepening practice through the radically transformative teachings of the reknown Tantrik revelation, the ‘Stanzas on Vibration’ (Spanda K?rik?s).

In this workshop, you will learn how to practically apply the insights gained through the philosophical teachings of Spanda to your physical Hatha Yoga practice as well as your meditative practice. You will learn how to feel and recognize Spanda within and without. Teachers will learn how to sequence and assist advanced arm balancing poses and will also learn the sacred breath practice Ucchara.

“Realizing that one’s true nature is the dynamic essence of Consciousness imbued within everything, the Yog? immerses into the fluid power that comprises his very nature, and experiences the thrill of perceiving his own awareness continually surging forth from within as the dynamic liquid essence of the Universe.” -Shr? Kshemar?ja, commenting on the ‘Stanzas of Vibration’

Yoga & Philosophy: 4-7 to register contact Abby at:
Drumming Workshop with Shaktipat: 7 and on

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