Unwilling to be caged – and not at all afraid.

Yesterday, I was at my local coffee shop #jackscoffee and young man cut me in line. He was looking like he wanted to pull something and changed his mind. Me and the three ladies in #JacksCoffee had our keys between our fingers and our cell phones ready as weapons.

Will NYC become like it was in the 70’s? An example of desperation in desperate times.

In the late 90’s we watched the gilding of NYC, but when I was a child, New York City was unsafe. I recall going to Broadway to see the musical “Annie” with my grandmother and catching a glimpse of a homeless person exposing himself. This was fairly common to see on 42nd street in the early 80’s.

Now NYC like San Fran. has become impenetrable for artists to get a stake. Times like these offer opportunities to the brave.

I won’t leave this beautiful city. This is my home!

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