“The entire world shines here within the Self, just as a complex creation appears in a single mirror. However, Awareness articulates & touches the universe [of its experience] in accordance with the flavor (rasa) of its own self-awareness—no mirror can do that. ||”

?- Abinavagupta curtesy of @hareeshwallis his translation

I know nothing except how to help you soothe yourself.

I’m not a healer or a guru – all I’ve done is create space for you to slow the pace of your thoughts, your breath. To encourage your own impulse to turn towards a thought you’ve been avoiding or a habit you’ve not addressed, or some shame or fear that’s been driving your behavior.

If you project upon me magical powers or a role or skill I have not asked for or pretended to be capable of.

If I become erected by a fantasy of saviors and all knowing mommy’s or daddy’s and then become torn down by you for failing to meet this need. Then the relationship will disappoint you as many others have surely in the past.

The student teacher dynamic holds many insights into your unmet needs. With that awareness together in conversation and with commitment there’s possibility.

The wounds we’ve carried forward we will ultimately benefit from by acknowledging & addressing.

I can’t align your chakras – here are the movements and breath’s you might try. I can’t fix your mind but I can tell you about the teachers and the teachings that have helped me.

I can’t fix or prevent mental illness. I’m not trained to deal with or diagnose eating disorders, personality disorders or stand in the role of a doctor.

I’m not pursuing perfection or adulation. I’m not pursuing a pain free reality, it’s a fantasy and I know it would make me mentally lazy and callous to those less fortunate.

I pursue contact with reality and truth -a commitment to a conversation about how we got here and what we’ve learned. To make our body a more comfortable vehicle for inner exploration and outward adventure. It’s really very simple, there’s no magic. Except for the magic of the world as it actually is.

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