MARCH 7-14, 2020


The week in Dominical, Costa Rica will begin with morning meditation and contemplation, followed by a locally sourced breakfast, at the gorgeous Casa Nautika run by dear friends Jon Sam and Jessica Petrone. You will enjoy a variety of the following activities; daily Yoga, surfing, jungle – plant medicine walks at The Living Library. Evenings with live music, & led ceremony with Colleen Lila and Jessica Petrone, Eco-Psychologist.

Additional bookings for massage/thai bodywork, horseback rides on the beach and
ocean boat rides can also be made available per request.

The retreat will be book-ended with opening and closing ceremony. Both will include, live music, libations and traditional cacao ceremony. Cacao ceremony has been practiced by the indigenous people of the Amazon as a way to celebrate and feel good for ages.

Please see the list of benefits below ??

To register or reserve for this retreat please contact Colleen at:

Retreat Cost:

private luxury suite/private bath: $2200 single/ $3900 double occupancy
jungle view room: $1800/ $3200 double occupancy
ocean view room: $1800/ $3200 double occupancy
???? shared room: $1300. (bunks)
???? the jungle den: $1800/ $3200 double occupancy

Peter’s Skill Area
Minnewaska State Park Preserve
New Paltz, NY 12561
Tuesdays in August, 2017

Dates: July 13th, August 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd .
Time: 9:30-5 (approx.)

The High Xposure guides have undergone extensive training and teach regularly to people of all ages and ability.
No experience in climbing is necessary, our guides regularly introduce people to the sport of rock climbing. This will be a top-rope climb (meaning you’re tied in and can’t fall far) in the range of 5:5 – 5:8 (kinda easy 5:8 slightly challenging) located at the Shawangunk range near New Paltz, NY, ‘The Gunks’

All levels are welcome!

*PLEASE NOTE* weekend dates will be made available, weekend rates are a bit more pricey $$

**Private group adventures can also be arranged with a minimum of 4 people per group. Group rates vary depending on peak or off-peak (weekday).

For more information -or- to register please contact Colleen at:
Before Summer Rain

Suddenly, from all the green around you,
something-you don’t know what-has disappeared;
you feel it creeping closer to the window,
in total silence. From the nearby wood

you hear the urgent whistling of a plover,
reminding you of someone’s Saint Jerome:
so much solitude and passion come
from that one voice, whose fierce request the downpour

will grant. The walls, with their ancient portraits, glide
away from us, cautiously, as though
they weren’t supposed to hear what we are saying.

And reflected on the faded tapestries now;
the chill, uncertain sunlight of those long
childhood hours when you were so afraid.

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Permaculture + The Yoga of Cooking + Herbal Home Remedies + Yoga + Philosophy/Meditation
with Colleen Lila Breeckner, Cassandra Purdy & Ben Falk of Whole System Design

Thursday, September 10th – Sunday, 13th
Mad River Valley, Vermont

This series of workshops is developed to weave our spiritual lives into our daily lives in practical and resourceful ways. Level I is the first of five levels designed to enable you to take control of your world through the knowledge of permaculture practices, meditation, Yoga, global medicine, nutrition and other wellness practices.

Subjects covered in Gaia Weaving include:
basic permaculture practices
ecological garden design
the art of companion planting.
make herbal, salves, soaps, teas and tinctures.
eating for a healthy gut biome
fermentation, SCOBY (making kombucha tea), yogurt and kefir from cultures.
food combining, learn food myths and proper methods.
bread making
farm to table basics -the benefits of eating with the seasons and how to get all your nutritional needs met using local foods.
meditation,Yoga and the Yogic philosophies which support self reliance, autonomy and regenerative lifestyle practices.
relationship, team building and leadership skills
how to lead an ecologically minded lifestyle -to weave a green legacy for future generations!

Schedule Gaia Weaving Level I, Sept. 10-13th, 2015

Arrive Thursday by 12 PM leave Sunday by 2 PM
1:30-3:30 pm tour with Ben Falk

Morning- Yoga practice, 7:30-8:45
Meditation- 8:45-9:15
Silent Breakfast- 8:45-10:00 AM
Morning Workshops 10 AM-12 PM
Lunch (cooking demo)
Afternoon Workshop/Hike
Dinner (cooking demo)
Evening Meditation or free time

20 hours RYT Yoga
$435 for course
may include Lila Tandava RYT accreditation +$35
+$350 for single housing on-site
+$200 shared room at on-site
+$50 to sleep in your own tent
+$25 commuter fee for off-site accommodations

To find out more information about Permaculture and Whole System Design, please visit the website at:
To register for Gaia Weaving contact Colleen at:

Envirotour and Eco-Retreat w/ Soultree Surf + Colleen Lila Yoga

Location: Sebastion, Fl.

Dates: May 13-15, 2016

Did you know, Sebastian, Fl. is a world class surfing location on the Gold Coast of Florida? Also known as the Treasure Coast, Sebastian, Fl. is the hometown surf spot of world champion surfer, ranked 2nd in the world, Kelly Slater (very sexy, and NOT from California).

The Treasure Coast was once a hideout for pirates who looted Spainish ships for treasure, so there’s a pirate vibe.

More wild, than strip mall…it is severely lacking in both pythons and Starbuck’s. Sebastian, Fl. is pretty and un-gentrified, maybe you can appreciate that for the natural habitat and lack of pavement it offers ;-)…?

Chef,Jesse Raymond will prepare delicious nutrient rich meals made from local ingredients in creative and healthy ways to sustain us on our paddle Yoga adventures.

Expect to play, unplug, detox, laugh and enjoy the company of friends.

This is a zero plastic eco-adventure retreat designed for the maximum exposure to the gorgeous natural surroundings of the State Land Preserve and FREE open access beaches available up and down the coast of Florida.

Your retreat will include:
Morning Yoga at the beach and nature preserve with Colleen Lila
Nourish yourself with a nutritional plant based/fresh fish diet with chef Jesse Raymond
SUP lessons and paddle adventures through the mangroves
Nature hikes and birdwatching at Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge
Evening meditation and Yoga nidra with Colleen Lila
Heal with consciously prepared herbal remedies by Colleen Lila

Not Included but available:

-surfing lessons available with Soultree Surf
-sunset plane rides over the Inlet
-airboat tours
-Thai massage/swedish massage
-herbal consult w/Colleen Lila
-personal training

Investment: 3 days for $750.discounted $600.!!

To register please contact me at:

Dear Friends,

The most common reason people give for not joining the Yoga & Rock Climbing Retreat is a fear of heights. The second most common reason is, ‘I have never climbed before’.

A few summers back a woman joined our group who had an extreme fear of heights and had never climbed before. My dear friend and guide, Bobby Ferrari worked with her all day until she felt safe, she’d go up a foot come down, she tested the ropes, she tested Bobby’s commitment to her, she went three feet up and came back down, she did this all-day with Bobby patiently instructing her footwork. By the end of the day she climbed to the top! I wish I had captured a picture of the joy on her face, the elation from having overcome her own fear. Wouldn’t you like to feel this free?

For some of us it may not be a fear of height that holds us back. Perhaps, its simply a resistance to stepping out of the routine, a hesitation to try something with new people. The Gunks are spectacular! The climbing meets all-levels, from advanced to beginner. Please don’t let fear or resistance keep you. If money is an issue email me I’ll work with you.

We spend so much of our time racing around, this mini getaway will recharge you, reset you inwardly with the rhythm of nature and bring you back into a space of presence and gratitude, reminding us of the simple joys that life can offer.

We have a great group forming. All that’s missing is you!! I hope you can make it.

With Love,

Colleen Lila
Yoga & Rock Climbing Day Retreat Baby Nataraja
The Gunks, New Paltz, NY
w/ Colleen Breeckner & Professional Climbing Guide’s from High Xposure

Fee: $170 (includes park entrance fee, climbing, & yoga)
Peter’s Skill Area
Minnewaska State Park Preserve
New Paltz, NY 12561
Time: 8-5

This is my 6th season hosting the, Yoga & Rock Climbing Adventure Retreat in New Paltz, NY!! Here is what you can expect; we’ll arrive in New Paltz at roughly 9:30 a.m, begin our day with a brisk morning hike alongside the mountain stream in Peter’s Kill, past the mulberries to the top of a rocky cliff where we will practice Yoga for about an hour. After Yoga, we will enjoy picnic lunches followed by an early afternoon meditation by a waterfall. The climbing guides will arrive at 2 p.m. and assist us in what is called a ‘top rope’ climb on -beginner to intermediate terrain.
Your climb will be lead by professional rock climbing guides. The High Xposure guides have undergone extensive training and teach regularly to people of all ages and ability. No experience necessary, the High Xposure guides regularly introduce people to climbing. All levels are welcome.

Yoga & Rock Climbing Day Retreat Dates:
July 9th & 30
August 6th, 13, 20
*PLEASE NOTE* weekend dates will be made available, weekend rates are significantly higher.

**Private group adventures can also be arranged with a minimum of 4 people per group. Group rates vary depending on peak or off-peak (weekday).

For more information or to register contact, Colleen at:

(m) 203-313-4281

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