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There are 80 vataja disorders, which makes vata season for those with vata constitution the most vulnerable time of year for illness. For those with dual constitutions with vata as one half, experiencing vata imbalance is also very common and can be avoided through simple daily practices. While many people who practice Ayurveda are vegetarian people with Vata constitution which is prone to wasting/depletion or ksaya, meat and bone broths can be nourishing and grounding. However, farming practices and the quality of the meat, as well as, small quantities, once/twice a week only a few ounces is best.

Vata aggravating diet and lifestyle for many years, overscheduled and stressed.

Asatmyendriyartha samyoga
Srotarendriya > sabda -hearing
Sparsanendriya > sparsa -touch (hard/harsh touch, too much or too little touch)
Rupendriya > rupa -sight (excess light, witnessing violence)
Rasanendriya > rasa -taste (improper food combining)
Ghranendriya > ghanda -scent


Vrddhi = increase state

Ksaya = decrease state, wasting, malnutrition

Vata – voluntary and involuntary movements, proper elimination of the waste products in the body.

Vriddhi Lakshanas: of vata – emaciation, catabolic process on the body, a body that doesn’t build it depletes.
Temples hollow
blackish/grayish/ashen discoloration in the skin- circles under the eyes
Joints prominent
Abnormality, tics, tremors, roll shoulders, turn head, antsy, quivering lips, spasms/fine tremors in the muscles, heart palpitations etc. end of the range, epilepsy, Parkinson’s
Constipation – painful, dry, hard, infrequent, ease of transit and/or frequency changes. We would like to see them move their bowels every day, it’s not ‘optimal’ to move bowels less, output and input should be balanced, toxins getting reabsorbed, water is getting reabsorbed. Three different herbal remedies to get them to do this is probably not best, bloating discomfort, passing gas are signs they need help.
Loss of sense, poor taste perception, loss of feeling, tinnitus, insomnia -vata governs the 5 senses, if it’s eyes but the eyes are red then it could be pitta and vata, two dosas involved.
Meals and sleep, three hours before bed
Excess talking is a vrddhi lakshana of vata, content irrelevant.
Higher mental function- confusion, not really understanding things, cognitive impairment, not fully understanding things
Joint and muscle pain- warm sesame, mahanarayan oil, castor oil
Emotions – anxiety, fear, restlessness (physically and mentally) impending doom, self conscious, people are judging them.

Ksaya Lakshana: of vata – when vata is ksaya
Aversion to talking
Loss of appetite
Hyper salivation

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